Friday, October 8, 2010

It's the new Take That single "The Flood"

Take That's new single "the flood" was picked by PopJustice as their song of the day. The band released a teaser trailer showing the five piece getting ready to do some rowing or other water sport activities(think what you like).

I'm still unsure how I feel about Robbie Williams re-joining the band. I was quite comfortable with Take That's transition from pop teen idol boy band into a confident easy listening man -band. Their comeback album "beautiful world" was a solid release and really defined their more mature sound while still maintaining their pop sensibilities. News that Robbie who quit the group in the 90's seemed odd as the act had carried on with 2 solid albums. The recent Rob/Gary gay fest duet that is "shame" only concerned me more and seemed unnecessary. And so does Robbie's rejoining the group.

With that said the new single explores familiar territory and sounds like another take that classic in the making. The preview gives us a nice soaring chorus and really showcases (from what i can tell) each guy's vocals nicely. Whether the hype will return the UK's premiere boyband to the top of the charts remains to be seen. I like what I see and hear so far so perhaps it doesn't hurt Rob is back in the act with his mates.

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