Sunday, October 3, 2010

The end of Sophie Ellis-Bextor?

Sophie Ellis-Bextor seems to be having a bit of trouble troubling the charts of late. Her single with the Freemason's "heartbreak make me dancer" seemed like a sure fire UK top ten but wasn't. Her next single "Bittersweet" truly proved be just that as she limped into the top 40. Her latest single with Armin van Buuren "Not giving up on love" doesn't seem to be the crossover hit that many may have hoped. Her fourth album "straight to the heart" has been renamed, pushed back, delayed again and at one point appeared canceled. Where does that leave Sophie?

My personal history has been a bit mixed. I was never a huge fan of her first album. It rode the fence between indie and pop- committing to neither and thus producing a rather ho-hum album with one or two good singles. The trend continued on album two and three. My overall opinion was "well, she makes good singles but her albums tend to be a mish-mash of good singles, missed opportunities and filler". Now it appears that the good singles are missing. I loved "bittersweet" but honestly her last 3 singles were enjoyable but nothing truly mind blowing.

I wonder if Sophie can rally and deliver the goods on her much maligned and delayed 4th album.

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