Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Unreleased Stock Aitken jam surfaces

A few years ago PWL fans were treated to a ton of unreleased jams courtesy of radio station LBH The Scene. While I doubt we will ever get out mitts on many of these jams I always have hope. In any case some kind soul has posted Girls@Play's version of "brand new car" on Youtube.

The Girls@Play version is really light pop version compared to the other rockier version I'm guessing is credited to The Park. In any case this is one of my fave Stock/Aitken tracks and could musically be the cousin of Sinitta's "GTO". Check it out below!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stock Aitken Waterman re-releases

It's a great time to be a PWL/ Stock Aitken Waterman fan. Indie label Cherry Red has been steadily re-releasing classic PWL albums on CD such as the much sought Princess album and Hazell Dean's first album "heart first". September sees new releases from Boy Krazy, Sonia as well as Jason Donovan's PWL albums.

I received my first batch of re-releases this week. After months of doing nothing I finally got around to ordering Princess, Haywoode, Lonnie Gordon, Mandy Smith and Brilliant. The package came and I poured over the booklets with extensive liner notes (especially Haywoode, talk about eye strain!) and must say if you are a fan you have no excuse for picking up these amazing CDs.

With all the new releases coming I am still bummed that fans must wait for the genius of PWL singer Kakko's unreleased album (there is no sarcasm there BTW). "We should be dancing" is one of SAW's most irritatingly catchy and fun tracks. The fact it flopped so bad and has become somewhat of a forgotten gem makes it that more alluring. Until we get that album here is the mp3. Grab it while its available!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Saturdays, not really missing you ladies

When The Saturday's first started doing the rounds with their Yazoo sampling debut "if this is love" I cannot tell you how pumped I was about their launch. The song was amazing. The art direction/sleeve design was great. We got an actual b-side (not just the usual load of crap remixes). And the video was pretty decent too!

The Sats seemed on course to establish themselves as a major music player and bust up the UK duopoly of Sugababes/Girls Aloud. Second single "UP" was another smash and the album campaigned was a pretty decent success. Momentum was lost and everything changed when 2nd album "wordshaker" arrived with its chintzy album cover and substandard-almost teen disney-esque bland tunes. These songs would be fine for Demi Lovato, but for the Saturdays this was pretty dire barrel scraping.

I was hoping new song "missing you" would restore my faith in The Saturdays. It has not. New song "missing you" is alike a watered down version of "forever is over". Even the upbeat version they performed on the Alan Carr show leaves a lot to be desired. With The Wanted's success and the UK's top girls groups MIA perhaps this is a sign that the boy bands are back in charge.

Listen to Cahill's salvage remix below.