Friday, October 1, 2010

Florence's "Cosmic Love"

I was a bit late to the party regarding Florence + the Machine. For about a year the press has praised the act, blogs have gushed over Florence herself and even MTV nominated the group for a video of the year award. And still I didn't really react. For me Florence and her backing group were easily dismissed as one of many next big thing acts with a something and something name (Miranda and the diamonds, for example).

Everything about Florence + the Machine changed for me this week when I caught a music clip of a woman cavorting, writhing and singing/screaming among a flurry of leaves, lights and colors. It was the "cosmic love" video. One part Kate Bush, one part Tori Amos and all parts Florence I was taken aback at how exciting and emotional Florence was delivering her song. As she prowled through forest and trees she sang almost a bit reserved only to soon explode in a near howl during the chorus.

I really don't have to much else to add. just wanted to share how much I enjoyed this clip. I have since picked up the debut album "lungs" and must say it is equally amazing with exception to the quite naff "kiss with a fist". It's at Target for 9.99!

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