Friday, October 8, 2010

It's the new Take That single "The Flood"

Take That's new single "the flood" was picked by PopJustice as their song of the day. The band released a teaser trailer showing the five piece getting ready to do some rowing or other water sport activities(think what you like).

I'm still unsure how I feel about Robbie Williams re-joining the band. I was quite comfortable with Take That's transition from pop teen idol boy band into a confident easy listening man -band. Their comeback album "beautiful world" was a solid release and really defined their more mature sound while still maintaining their pop sensibilities. News that Robbie who quit the group in the 90's seemed odd as the act had carried on with 2 solid albums. The recent Rob/Gary gay fest duet that is "shame" only concerned me more and seemed unnecessary. And so does Robbie's rejoining the group.

With that said the new single explores familiar territory and sounds like another take that classic in the making. The preview gives us a nice soaring chorus and really showcases (from what i can tell) each guy's vocals nicely. Whether the hype will return the UK's premiere boyband to the top of the charts remains to be seen. I like what I see and hear so far so perhaps it doesn't hurt Rob is back in the act with his mates.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kylie's 3rd Aphrodite Single

Kylie's recent single "Get Outta my Way" recently disappointed when it failed to reach the UK top ten leaving fans asking questions about what to expect next from the pop goddess. There has been lots of speculation regarding Aphrodite's third single. Several people have stated it would be the euphoric "Put your hands up (if you feel love)", the title track and recently the song "better than today" which Kylie previewed last year on her North American tour. For now no official word so fans will have to wait. Personally I'd love to have the following dream package presented. Of course I'm only dreaming.

Kylie Minogue: Put your Hands Up/Better Than Today

Better Than Today

1.Better Than Today (single version)
2.Change Your Mind
3.New B-side
4.White Diamond (studio version)
5.Mighty Rivers

Put Your Hands Up

1. Put Your Hands Up (single mix)
2. Heartstrings
3. Put Your Hands Up (Stuart Price extended)
4. Put Your Hands Up (Bright Lights Bright Lights remix)
5. Put Your Hands Up (Bimbo Jones remix)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Utada Hikaru News!

Utada Hikaru has released details of her forthcoming compilation "Singles collection, vol 2" due for release November 24th in Japan. The album collects her Japanese singles from "Ultra Blue" through "Heart Station" and adds 5 new songs. Utada recently stated she wanted to take some time off as a music artist to focus on human activities. Utada's last album was the English album "this is the one" in which she toured the US and the UK. Details for the new compilation are below. Curiously the cover art is just stars.

■Disc 1
01. Prisoner Of Love
02. Stay Gold
04. Kiss & Cry
05. Beautiful World
06. Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-
07. ぼくはくま
08. This Is Love
09. Keep Tryin'
10. Passion
11. Be My Last
12. 誰かの願いが叶うころ
13. Beautiful World -PLANiTb Acoustica Mix-

■Disc 2
01. 嵐の女神 (Arashi no Megami)
02. Show Me Love (Not A Dream)
03. Goodbye Happiness
04. Hymne a l'amour ~Ai no Anthem~
05. Can't Wait 'Til Christmas

Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween time: a PWL treat

Digging through CDs I came across my Japanese Hit factory compilations. Chock full of remixes and random bits I used to listen to them non-stop. One song I had completely forgot about was PWL act 1 on One's "Who's gonna love me?" I recall seeing some promos and interviews in Smash Hits (RIP) magazine back in the 90's. I believe they released 2 singles before the project was canceled.

The song "who's gonna love me?" is in my opinion a bit of a departure from PWL's trademark horns and chugging beats. I would go so far as to say that it has more in common with future acts East 17 and even take That's early work (no doubt the result of having Pete hammond and Harding/Curnow involvement in all projects). Having said that I have only heard the extended 12" so the single version actually may have a bit more oomph and similarities to the 80's SAW sound. What I do know is the 12" mix is a bit synth, a bit dreamy and actually quite nice with some spoken word vocals and lovely piano rift. Perhaps these guys were boring live or maybe they just got lost in the flood of copycat NKOTB and Bros acts that surfaced in the late 80's/early 90's. In any case this is a lost gem.

I've uploaded the mp3 here for you to listen. Let me know what you guys think.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The end of Sophie Ellis-Bextor?

Sophie Ellis-Bextor seems to be having a bit of trouble troubling the charts of late. Her single with the Freemason's "heartbreak make me dancer" seemed like a sure fire UK top ten but wasn't. Her next single "Bittersweet" truly proved be just that as she limped into the top 40. Her latest single with Armin van Buuren "Not giving up on love" doesn't seem to be the crossover hit that many may have hoped. Her fourth album "straight to the heart" has been renamed, pushed back, delayed again and at one point appeared canceled. Where does that leave Sophie?

My personal history has been a bit mixed. I was never a huge fan of her first album. It rode the fence between indie and pop- committing to neither and thus producing a rather ho-hum album with one or two good singles. The trend continued on album two and three. My overall opinion was "well, she makes good singles but her albums tend to be a mish-mash of good singles, missed opportunities and filler". Now it appears that the good singles are missing. I loved "bittersweet" but honestly her last 3 singles were enjoyable but nothing truly mind blowing.

I wonder if Sophie can rally and deliver the goods on her much maligned and delayed 4th album.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Florence's "Cosmic Love"

I was a bit late to the party regarding Florence + the Machine. For about a year the press has praised the act, blogs have gushed over Florence herself and even MTV nominated the group for a video of the year award. And still I didn't really react. For me Florence and her backing group were easily dismissed as one of many next big thing acts with a something and something name (Miranda and the diamonds, for example).

Everything about Florence + the Machine changed for me this week when I caught a music clip of a woman cavorting, writhing and singing/screaming among a flurry of leaves, lights and colors. It was the "cosmic love" video. One part Kate Bush, one part Tori Amos and all parts Florence I was taken aback at how exciting and emotional Florence was delivering her song. As she prowled through forest and trees she sang almost a bit reserved only to soon explode in a near howl during the chorus.

I really don't have to much else to add. just wanted to share how much I enjoyed this clip. I have since picked up the debut album "lungs" and must say it is equally amazing with exception to the quite naff "kiss with a fist". It's at Target for 9.99!