Sunday, May 8, 2011

Florrie's "Begging me"

There was time not too long ago when Brian Higgins' Xenomania productions promised a tidal wave of amazing pop via acts his team had developed. Mini Viva. Jessie Malakouti. Dekade. Alex Gardner. Vagabond. Brooke X. And of course Girls Aloud. One by one these acts either floundered, flopped or simply faded away leaving only one girl, Florrie.

Florrie was originally the drummer for Xenomania's house band but was soon being groomed for pop success. Higgins was clearly shook by the rapid failure of the previous acts that fizzled and proceeded with Florrie very cautiously. Florrie's development has been long. There have been free downloads, digital EPs and even a promotion with Nina Ricci. After what feels like an eternity in development Florrie released a proper EP "introduction" last year that didn't trouble the charts and left many to wonder what was next. We now have the answer.

Florrie's is back with new single "begging me." The song was released at the end of April. I'm left scratching my head.Is this her official debut single? Her first proper single? No idea. What I do know is that the single has a video and you can watch it now on youtube or at Florrie's website. The song itself is a rather pleasant but pedestrian effort by Xenomania. I like it but you can't help but wonder if there weren't stronger tracks available to be a single and film a video. Overall its a nice song.

The video is less successful with it's quick cuts, blurry visuals and lack of energy. While I hope good things happen for Florrie I am now thinking that after two years of "development" that the moment to launch her a major pop act has come and gone.

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