Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chris Lowe Superstar

Pet Shop Boys' often quite keyboardist is set to take on lead vocal duties for the new Stop modernists's single. The single is a quite loyal cover of New Order's 1986 single "subculture." A release is planned for June 14th and can be purchased or illegally downloaded from the usual places.

Since I first purchased New Order's "substance" in junior high I have always loved "subculture" so it is interesting to hear this new interpretation. Chris' vocals work has always been pleasant on the few Pet Shop Boys' songs he sings and this single is no exception. Musically the Stop modernists keep the production crisp and keep the song true to its synthpop origins. For those eager to hear this amazing piece of pop right now a soundcloud stream is available.

Stop Modernists featuring Chris Lowe - SUBCULTURE - radio edit 128kbps by Sahko

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