Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Saturdays' latest could be massive

The Saturdays have been steadily releasing single after single over the past few years. Their debut album was amazing and songs like "up" and "work" are classics- well, classics at least in my living room. Their later releases have been succesful to varying degrees but all have failed to really live up to the hype/hope of their debut. Two and a half albums into a career and one has to wonder Whats a girl group to do?

Well, we now have the answer. Amazing but sadly commercially hit or miss production team Xenomania have been recruited to handle chores on The Sats' next release "all fired up" and I;m pleased to say the single is a corker! I am a bit biased as I love nearly everything Brian Higgins' & company touch but in this case I feel the praise is truly deserved. "All fired up" is commercial, current and most importantly insanely catchy in a "Sexy, No! No! No!" kinda way. The girls vocals are wrapped in an avalanche of synths and beats while chanting "All fired up but I feel alive!" This is hopefully the single that will take the girls out of the minor league and into the majors (and hopefully to the top of the UK charts as well).

The Saturdays' get "all fired up" on 4 September.

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