Monday, August 2, 2010

The Saturdays, not really missing you ladies

When The Saturday's first started doing the rounds with their Yazoo sampling debut "if this is love" I cannot tell you how pumped I was about their launch. The song was amazing. The art direction/sleeve design was great. We got an actual b-side (not just the usual load of crap remixes). And the video was pretty decent too!

The Sats seemed on course to establish themselves as a major music player and bust up the UK duopoly of Sugababes/Girls Aloud. Second single "UP" was another smash and the album campaigned was a pretty decent success. Momentum was lost and everything changed when 2nd album "wordshaker" arrived with its chintzy album cover and substandard-almost teen disney-esque bland tunes. These songs would be fine for Demi Lovato, but for the Saturdays this was pretty dire barrel scraping.

I was hoping new song "missing you" would restore my faith in The Saturdays. It has not. New song "missing you" is alike a watered down version of "forever is over". Even the upbeat version they performed on the Alan Carr show leaves a lot to be desired. With The Wanted's success and the UK's top girls groups MIA perhaps this is a sign that the boy bands are back in charge.

Listen to Cahill's salvage remix below.

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