Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's go all the way tonight

Katy Perry certainly is a frustrating pop star. Her entire career has been arguably a string of novelty hits and "serious" flops. Her latest single "teenage dream" is no exception. After the cheese fest that was "California gurls" Katy's latest single certainly is like aural ambien. This is hardly surpising. It's almost like she plans her singles this way. After "i kissed a girl" and "hot n cold" we got the rather limp "thinking of you" and grower "waking up in vegas". So where does "teenage dream" fit in? I'd say it's a grower like "waking up in vegas" but not as catchy.

Whether or not "teenage dream" does the biz remains to be seen but I'd say the record company has another Dr Luke jam in the wings should it tank. Is it me or does Katy seem like one of those people who would say they weren't really trying when something flops?

In any case the single should be out soon. You can listen to it here in the meantime.

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  1. Ah, Miss Perry. She opens her mouth and criticizes other pop stars but forgets that she got on the map with when she kissed a girl and liked it. I think she is a bit hot and cold when it comes to putting out singles. And, Thinking of You was such a flop - not even funny!