Friday, December 16, 2011

Top 12 Singles of 2011

12. Adele "Someone Like You" UK singer Adele's emotional song about heartbreak was very powerful and even more moving live. Not that any of us saw her in concert because she cancelled everytime. However, judging from her award show appearances it was pretty amazing.

11.Kids of 88 "just a little bit" Thanks MTV for using this song in Teen Wolf over and over. kids of 88 are from New Zealand and craft the kind of too cool for school synth-drenched pop that sounds like its from the future. I played this throughout Dragon*Con.

10. Britney Spears "I wanna go" Maybe it's the whistling. Maybe I just love the squeaky vocals. This was catchy pop and easily the best song on Brit's "femme fatale" album.

09.Telekinesis "Please Ask for help" Indie group's 2nd album spawned this totally ace track. It was the song that helped me survive the morning crawl through Atlanta.

08. Pixie Lott "All about Tonight" Sums up going out, shrugging off a bad relationship and having fun in the city. She looks tragic in the video but it didnt stop me from running around the house singing this jam. I live for the stuttering effect around the 2:50 mark.

07. Nicole Scherzinger "Don't hold your breath" She may have been the lead stripper in the Pussycat Dolls but as a solo artist she's just another hooker on the street. Regardless, she still managed to release one of the best pop songs of the year even if no one in the US cared.

06. Katy Perry "last Friday Night" A great pop song made even better by it's 80's inspired video. I swear my sister looked just like Katy when she is transformed into party glamor babe. the hair, the makeup. A fun singalong pop song.

05. Foster the People "Pumped up Kicks" I first heard this in "friends with benefits" and was surprised to learn it was a top 10 hit already! "pumped up kicks" was the soundtrack to numerous starbucks trips even if all the Sb hipsters had moved on to something else.

04. The Saturdays "All fired Up" UK girl group the Saturdays really should be bigger. This single paired them with top producers Xenomania. I did my best Risky business impression to this song and found the combination of europop and cotton briefs to be quite exciting.

03. Eric Saade "Popular" Winner of Melodifestivalen and amazing Swedish talent- Eric delivered an energetic rush of pop energy. This song could easily be a hit in the US. It was a major hit at Casa de Ackley this year and was heard on more than one road trip-particularly to IKEA.

02. Florrie "I took a little something" UK singer Florrie delivered sugary goods on this Xenomania produced gem. There's a hint of melancholy, a bit of hope and some amazing sounds to be found as Florrie reminisces about the past. This is the music I live for.

01. Nicola Roberts "Beat of My Drum" AMAZING! Britain's Nicola Roberts delivered a quirky, catchy and infectious single. With it's shouty Gwen Stefani inspired "L-O-V-E!" and stuttering production courtesy of diplo this single was extremely polarizing- you loved it or hated. For me, it was catchy, danceable and easy to sing. I even subjected my coworkers to it's chanty chorus.

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