Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Otur Single "Retrigger"

Swedish singer Otur's music has always transplanted me to somewhere else. Her electronic pop songs are frosty and minimal yet saturated with emotion. Her music evokes a wild range of emotions. It is the soundtrack to getting your heart broken, staying up all night, feeling all alone in the big city, and getting intropsective during sunrise after a night of crying.

Otur's new single "retrigger" is part Pet Shop Boys part Swedish pop sensibility and another triumphant romp through minimal electro land. While some may say Otur hasn't really grown much musically since her light bulb project days I say who cares? I think "retrigger" is her best offering yet! We get 3 minutes filled with electronic echos, whispy synths of course Otur's unique vocals. The chorus with its insistent declaration "i cry and I'm climbing til I try to find out what I left behind" is pure melancholy and I love it to bits. I can't wait for the album "twin behaviour." Retrigger is out (today!) April 27 on iTunes or You can listen to the track below.

Otur - Retrigger by pepperbox

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